Focus on your dreams while we take care of the rest.

Have peace of mind, both in health and in sickness. Choose between pay-and-file and cashless admissions with Gibraltar BSN Medic & Medic Plus, two hospital and surgical riders that provide you with comprehensive medical coverage. Let us deal with the trivialities while you focus on getting back on track.

Benefits at a Glance
  • Comprehensive medical coverage

    Gibraltar BSN Medic & Medic Plus are guaranteed renewable riders that provide you complete and extensive protection with hospitalisation, surgical, medical, outpatient and cash benefits.

  • Cashless admissions with Gibraltar BSN Medic Plus

    Enjoy cashless, hassle-free admissions for all pre-arranged / pre-authorised hospital stays. A dedicated helpline is also available to assist you with your admission into most major hospitals and medical centres.

  • Freedom to choose a plan that fits

    With five plans under both Gibraltar BSN Medic & Medic Plus, you’ll definitely find a suitable fit for your needs.

  • Please note that while Gibraltar BSN Medic & Medic Plus share the exact same benefits, Gibraltar BSN Medic employs a “pay-and-file” admission system, i.e. policyholders are required to pay for their hospital bills first, before getting a reimbursement from Gibraltar BSN.


  30 days
  60 years old

(guaranteed renewable up to 87 years old).

Important Notes

The details above are for general information only. It is not a contract of insurance. The precise items, conditions and definitions of this insurance plan are specified in the policy contract. Please refer to the Sales Illustration and Product Disclosure Sheet for further details before deciding on your purchase.