So no hurdles hinder your dreams.

Minimise the anxieties of hospital stays and surgeries with Gibraltar BSN Medicare, a hospitalisation income rider that is attachable to almost any Gibraltar BSN basic plan. Should the unexpected ever happen, this plan provides you with hospitalisation and surgical benefits – so that you can concentrate on getting better instead of worrying about the bills!

Benefits at a Glance

  • Hospitalisation income to aid recovery

    Gibraltar BSN Medicare guarantees a fixed amount of daily income upon hospitalisation.

  • Fixed lump sum surgical benefit for peace of mind

    Gibraltar BSN Medicare pays a fixed lump sum dependant on plan selected and in accordance with the complexity of the surgical procedure.

What We Cover

Plan 1
Hospitalisation (per day)
Complex RM5,000
Major RM2,500
Intermediate RM1,250
Minor RM500
Lifetime Limit
Plan 2
Hospitalisation (per day)
Complex RM3,500
Major RM1,750
Intermediate RM875
Minor RM440
Lifetime Limit
Plan 3
Hospitalisation (per day)
Complex RM2,500
Major RM1,250
Intermediate RM625
Minor RM320
Lifetime Limit
  Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Hospitalisation (per day) RM250 RM150 RM100
Surgical Complex RM5,000 RM3,500 RM2,500
Major RM2,500 RM1,750 RM1,250
Intermediate RM1,250 RM875 RM625
Minor RM500 RM440 RM320
Lifetime Limit RM90,000 RM60,000 RM30,000


  Two (2) weeks
  64 years old

(renewable until 70 years old).

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