Say yes to all-inclusive protection for your health, wellbeing and dreams.

Accept no compromises when it comes to your health. Do what you love while staying physically and emotionally at your peak. With Smart Health, you can pursue life’s endeavours with the peace of mind that you are always covered.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Extensive medical coverage with high lifetime limit

    Smart Health covers your hospitalisation, surgery and outpatient treatment expenses and even provides you with cash benefits. What’s more, your overall lifetime limit is 12 times your annual limit.

  • Cashless and hassle-free admissions

    Enjoy cashless, hassle-free admissions for all pre-arranged / pre-authorised hospital stays. A dedicated helpline is also available to assist you with your admission into most major hospitals and medical centres.

  • Freedom to choose a plan that fits

    With five Smart Health plans to choose from, you’ll definitely find a suitable fit for your needs.

Yes! I Am Interested! Please Contact Me!

Preferred Contact Time


  30 days
  60 years old

(renewable up to 87 years old).