Added peace of mind for your dreams.

Take on additional protection by safeguarding the policies that you have acquired for your loved ones. With Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced, rest easy knowing that they’ll continue to be covered should something happen to you.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Added protection for your loved ones

    Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced is a third party policy rider that covers the life of the payor of the basic policy to which it is attached. This means that if you are currently paying for a loved one’s insurance policy, you can attach this rider to their plan so that they remain protected even if something should happen to you.

  • Waiver of premium

    Upon the death or total and permanent disability (TPD) of the payor, or should the payor be diagnosed with a covered critical illness, the future premiums of the basic policy that Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced is attached to will be waived.

  • Family income benefit

    Alternatively, by opting for a family income benefit when attaching this rider to the basic policy, a monthly income will be payable upon the death, TPD or diagnosis of a covered critical illness – until the expiry of the rider’s coverage term.


Coverage follows basic policy term


  16 years
  60 years old

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