The first step in finding the policy that's right for you is understanding why you need to buy it.
Learn about the many needs that life insurance can fulfill for you and your family.

One: Provide money to help the people you love

You work hard to provide for the people you love, seeing to it they have what they need. But what will happen to them when you die? Think about how they’ll be able to pay for such things as your final expenses, debt, the mortgage, care of a child, or a college education for your kids or grandkids.

Two: Leave a legacy

You want to leave a meaningful amount of money to the people you love and the causes you care about. You also want to minimize the impact that taxes can have. Life insurance can provide them with a lump sum of money. A portion of the death benefit from a life insurance policy can be used to pay any taxes that may be due on your estate.

Three: Create another source of income, especially for retirement

As you go through life, you’ll probably have some large expenses, such as paying for your kids’ or grandkids’ college educations, the mortgage, or a major emergency. You may also want to supplement your retirement income—another large expense.

Four: Have access to money in case you get sick

People are living longer than ever before. It’s important to think about how you could get the extra money you might need to take care of yourself if you get a chronic or terminal illness.  Many policies offer an optional, added provision, called a rider, that lets you accelerate the death benefit while you are still living.

Five: Pay less in taxes

Taxes are a fact of life that many of us don’t want to pay any longer. Life insurance offers tax benefits.

Do you know?

There are different types of term life insurance. Some are for very short terms, others longer. Some will return your premiums at the end of the term. There are also different types of permanent life insurance: Life Protection, Health Protection and Savings & Investments.

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