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With the 2021 Chinese New Year around the corner, it has now become inevitably clear that the celebrations this year would definitely be different. The extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has broken decades-long traditions, forcing many to celebrate the new year without family members. On top of that, the strict SOPs discourage house visits altogether, casting a gloomy blanket over what was a highly anticipated new year. 
Are you tired of your current 9-to-5? Have you been dreaming of a better career? You don’t (and shouldn’t) have to settle for a profession that leaves you feeling uninspired or emotionally drained.      Have you considered making money from your passion? You may think it’s only suitable as a hobby, but what if your hobby actually provides value to others? That’s a good enough reason to monetise it. 
You understand the benefits and importance of having life insurance, and now you are ready to take the next step to protect yourself and your loved ones.  But then you realise that shopping for life insurance isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Deciding which policy to purchase can be a daunting process, especially if it’s your first time. With a lot of things to consider and so many choices available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused.