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5 Signs Of Cancer Mostly Ignored By Women

20 Nov 2021
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Ladies, we all take active steps to improve our health — eating healthy, exercising, staying hydrated. But taking charge of our bodies also means preventing our health from getting worse. One of the most common diseases affecting Malaysians is cancer. According to Cancer Research Malaysia, 1 in 4 Malaysians are affected by cancer. In cancer, early detection is crucial to recovery.

There are changes in a woman’s body that may seem normal but could be a symptom of cancer. Here are 5 signs that are easy to ignore for women.

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1. Changes in the breasts

You know your body well. If you notice things on your breast like a lump, nipple discharge or redness or scaling, make sure to tell your doctor. These may be symptoms of more benign conditions and can be easy to ignore, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Bleeding between periods

Bleeding between periods is easy to ignore because it is a common experience and not usually a cause for concern. If you’re continuously spotting between periods, go speak to your doctor to rule out endometrial cancer. About 90% of women with endometrial cancer have abnormal vaginal bleeding.

3. Pelvic pain 

Pelvic pain or pressure is common for ovarian and uterine cancers. It may be easy to ignore for women as they may come to expect pelvic pain with their menstrual cycles. But pelvic pain that feels like menstrual cramps is a common early symptom of ovarian cancer. 

4. Changes in the nails

A brown or black streak under a toenail or fingernail might be a sign of melanoma which is a serious form of skin cancer. Mistaking it for a bruise could have serious consequences. Again, better to be safe than sorry!

5. Unexpected weight loss

Women usually don’t mind weight loss for better health and a slim figure. However, if weight loss occurs when your diet and exercise are unchanged, that is a cause for concern and you should visit a doctor! 40% of people say they had unexplained weight loss when they were first diagnosed with cancer.

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We should all be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to prevent cancer. Nobody is immune to cancer nor is there a cure for cancer right now.  For added protection, it is best to financially protect yourself against cancer. With GoXtra Care, receive up to 350% of the coverage amount upon diagnosis of critical illness from 5 different critical illness groups, including cancer. Check out the rest of our critical illness plans here.