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A Chinese New Year Amid MCO? There Are Still Ways To Keep Spirits High This Festive Season

11 Feb 2021
Family happily enjoying a Chinese New Year reunion meal knowing they are covered by Gibraltar BSN life insurance

With the 2021 Chinese New Year around the corner, it has now become inevitably clear that the celebrations this year would definitely be different. The extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has broken decades-long traditions, forcing many to celebrate the new year without family members. On top of that, the strict SOPs discourage house visits altogether, casting a gloomy blanket over what was a highly anticipated new year. 

Kid sobbing because he has to celebrate Chinese New Year at home and his parents do not have GIbraltar BSN life insurance

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As safety concerns heighten, it is crucial that we adhere to the SOPs and take extra measures to keep our family and friends safe from the dangers of the pandemic. However, this does not necessarily spell an end to the New Year festivity. There are still creative ways you can have the celebration at the safety of your home. 

Here are 6 tips to jive into the new year excitement without compromising on safety. 

1. Host a virtual reunion

Family happily enjoying a Chinese New Year reunion meal knowing they are covered by Gibraltar BSN life insurance

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Hosting a video meet-up nowadays is as easy as making a simple call. Align your family, friends and those whom you would normally visit and pre-plan your calendar throughout the festive period. You can even hype up the new year spirit by dressing up for each meet-up, hosting the call on a decorated background and playing Chinese New Year songs throughout the sessions.

Some of the easy-to-use, group video call platforms include Google Meet or Zoom, where you can make invites and schedule calls. Besides, living in an era where it is literally impossible for someone to be without a smartphone, the convenience is only a click away, making it accessible even for the elderly.  

2. Showcase decorations via a virtual house tour

Woman happily decorating her house for Chinese New Year knowing she is insured by Gibraltar BSN


The feeling of Chinese New Year would not be complete without some auspicious house decorations. Invite your family and friends to virtually visit your house via a live video tour and encourage them to exchange a tour with theirs too. You can even brag about them on your social media pages and help keep the festive mood circulating.

3. Opt for e-ang paos instead

Holding an ang pao especially thicker ones is definitely one of the best joys amid the Chinese New Year traditions. However, the current conditions have not only made it hard, but risky as well to be passing physical ang paos around. Hence, opt for a more modern way of sharing, through contactless e-angpaos which may even accommodate an auspicious message.

Some of the apps which you may find useful to share blessings are:
- eWallet apps such as Grab, Touch ‘n Go and Boost.
- Online banking using DuitNow; easy e-angpao transfer using just the mobile number of the recipient.

Older woman can make it rain angpao because she planned her retirement with getting Gibraltar BSN Go LiveWell

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4. Consider a drop-off Potluck

Courier delivering food to woman who has GIbraltar BSN insurance

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As the tradition goes, the new year is also a time when we celebrate classic recipes with one another. Although face to face dining is no longer encouraged, you can still share your favourite flavours to families and friends by dropping the dishes off at their doorstep. Do take extra precautions by ensuring dishes are safely packed and we encourage you to use a delivery service instead.

With delivery services being offered online, on-demand delivery requests can be immediately fulfilled through various providers. Click here to find out more on delivery services which you may use.

5. Record and share your Chinese New Year greetings with family and friends

Sending off loud and exhilarating auspicious greetings has always been an iconic new year custom. Although strict precautions connote that you should avoid shouting but you can still share your most enthusiastic greetings by pre-recording it and sending it to family and friends via social messaging platforms.

You can even loop your greetings into a GIF like the ones below and insert cute animations all around. These can be done using mobile apps such as GIF Maker and  imgPlay which can be found on your mobile’s app store.

Grateful kid who have insured parents wishing Gong Xi Fa Cai

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6. Laugh away with some classic Chinese New Year comedies

Incite the new year vibe by hosting spontaneous movie marathons among household members. Checklist for this to happen would only be a comfy couch, dimmed lights and of course; a list of classic CNY movies to watch. Couple these with some yummy new year snacks and you’ll be laughing your way into the new year vibes in no time.

Check out what’s on Netflix here. You can start with our favourites; ‘Fatt Choi Spirit'. 

Chef financially protected by GIbraltar BSN insurance cooks an egg

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The ways above would certainly keep you busy but you can always sprout out more creative ways to spend your Chinese New Year at home. The bottom line is to always stay home whenever possible and strictly adhere to all SOPs throughout the new year. Besides, you can never go wrong by taking extra precautions. 

Start the year right by opting to protect those who matter most. 

With the Chinese New Year season being about hope and togetherness; it feels great knowing your loved ones are covered against the uncertainties. Hence, Gibraltar BSN is encouraging all readers to review the policy plans of the family, so you may usher in the new year with peace of mind.