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Get Protected No Matter Which Stage Of Life You’re At

02 Oct 2019
Woman looks happy and confident because she is protected at every stage of her life with Gibraltar BSN insurance

Everyone stands to benefit from getting a life insurance policy, regardless of where they are in life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just entered the working world, or if you’ve already advanced in your career and are married with kids. Whether it’s the affordability of the premiums or the level of coverage that is your concern, you should be able to find a life insurance plan that caters to your needs.

A life insurance policy can have different tiers or plans. Usually, you pay higher premiums for a higher benefit – which basically means a larger payout amount. Therefore, if your focus is affordability, you can look for a life insurance plan with low premium prices. Or if you really want a higher coverage to suit your circumstances, choose a plan with a bigger benefit payout.

Get protected no matter which stage of life you’re at with Gibraltar BSN i-Care insurance

Gibraltar BSN’s i-Care life insurance is a non-participating renewable term policy that protects you against death, accidental death, and total and permanent disability (TPD). You pay an annual premium based on your age and the plan that you are on, and the policy automatically renews every year. There are three plans as below:

 Gibraltar BSN i-Care insurance plans and benefit table

So, don’t just assume that life insurance policies are for a specific group of people and wouldn’t be suitable for you. With premiums as low as RM9.75 a month, you definitely can’t say that life insurance is unaffordable. Find out more about Gibraltar BSN’s i-Care life insurance policies here.

This article first appeared on on 30 September 2019.