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Reasons You Should Buy Insurance Online

19 Jul 2022
Gibraltar BSN online insurance is accessible at the touch your fingertips

According to a 2021 report, Malaysia leads Southeast Asia with the highest percentage of digital consumers with 88% of the country’s population of 15 year olds and above being digital consumers. Nevertheless, online insurance is a relatively new concept to Malaysians. It involves dealing directly with the insurance provider to buy an insurance plan without an intermediary. Since insurance is an important part of financial protection, here are some reasons why you should get online insurance and how it may benefit you.

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Online insurance is quick and hassle-free. As the insurance is bought directly online, there is no need to travel or make an appointment with an agent. You can get insured all from the comfort of your own bed. This is especially good if you are feeling a bit introverted! As insurance can be confusing, online insurance has to be as convenient as possible. Here are some of the common ways online insurance will make your life easier:

a) Easy-to-use layout.

b) Easy to compare plans online.

c) Getting an instant quote for your chosen insurance plan.

d) Your benefits, how much you will pay, and other policy details are laid out clearly for easy reading and transparency.

e) No medical check-up required and simple underwriting questions.

f) Payment is made through a secured payment gateway, similar to online shopping like Lazada or Shopee!
g) Buy at a time of your own choosing. Gives you time to think and less pressure to buy on the spot to avoid the hassle of scheduling another appointment.

h) Get covered instantly, subject to terms and conditions.

i) A copy of your policy is delivered to you digitally, making it easier to find and refer to in the future.

i2u has all of the above features with premiums starting from only RM3.90 a month. View the different insurance plans available here!

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Online insurance premiums are usually much more affordable than buying through an agent as you are buying directly from the insurance provider.

Gibraltar BSN Online Insurance Plan Type Of Plan Monthly Premium
i-FlexCover Life Insurance From RM3.90
i-Care Life Insurance From RM9.75
i-Protect & i-Protect Plus Critical Illness Coverage From RM7.60
i-Med Medical Insurance From RM41.85

Get an instant quote for any of the above plans here!

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Customer Support

Have a query or need assistance? Support is available should you need it. Gibraltar BSN has an intelligent chatbot, GINA, that is available on our Website, WhatsApp and Facebook. She is able to answer insurance-related queries instantly and is available 24/7. If you still can’t find what you want, then a Customer Care Representative is available through our Live Chat or toll-free number at 1 300 22 6262

Convenient, affordable, and backed by strong customer support, i2u has all of the mentioned reasons when it comes to getting online insurance. It has life insurance, medical insurance, and critical illness coverage. Each of which has its own plans to suit your needs and budget. No medical check-up required and premiums start from only RM3.90!