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Retirement: What To Do With All the Free Time You Have

28 Apr 2021
Elderly retirees enjoying their retirement by a lake because of Gibraltar BSN insurance

Once you retire, you may find yourself feeling a little lost with the sudden abundance of free time. But it’s perfectly common for new retirees to feel that way during the first few days and weeks of retirement. After all, this new reality can feel somewhat jarring after decades of working. 

But retirement doesn’t have to be boring. What’s great about it is that you’re free to have fun and do what you want, on your own terms. No more work-related deadlines to worry about! 

Here are just a few ideas on what you can do to keep your golden years busy and interesting:

Elderly man enjoying retirement with fishing because of Gibraltar BSN insurance
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1. Learn new hobbies

Hobbies are an essential part of life, especially during retirement.

Have you always wanted to pick up a musical instrument? Learn a new language? Perhaps you dream of starting your own vegetable garden? Or you’ve always been curious about becoming a YouTuber? Your retirement years are the best time to explore those interests. 

Apart from providing a great way to fill up your time, hobbies help you relax and connect with like-minded individuals, which is beneficial for your mental health. Try something that inspires you, gives you purpose and that you genuinely enjoy.

Retirees enjoying their reitrement volunteering for their community because of Gibraltar BSN insurance


2. Volunteer

Volunteering for a cause that matters to you is an opportunity to make your retirement years rewarding and meaningful. It can also help you regain a sense of purpose and identity in your life while giving back and making a difference in your community. 

Find a role that you’ll enjoy and are capable of doing. It could be teaching children how to read, helping to feed the homeless, rescuing abandoned pets, or even using your skills from your previous full time career to launch a brand new charity. You can also consider being a mentor, as you probably have a great deal of knowledge and experience to share with young people.

Man in tracksuit exercising vigorously for his health that is also financially protected with Gibraltar BSN insurance
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3. Stay physically active

Maintaining your health is key in getting the most out of your golden years. So keep up your exercise routine, or start a new one. 

Exercises that are great for seniors include brisk walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, cycling and tai chi. These activities help promote cardiovascular health, improve balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, blood circulation and digestion. 

To prevent injuries, do consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine to help find the best activity that suits your health profile. 

4. Start your own business

Self-employment is increasingly becoming a popular choice for older people who find that they're not ready to stop working, even though they don’t necessarily need the extra income.  

If you're among those who are not mentally ready to 'hang up your boots', and you have substantial savings, you could consider starting your own business once you retire. Perhaps you've always wanted to open your own restaurant. Or start your own skincare line. Or open a bakery, or a wine shop. Whatever your interests are, your retirement is a great opportunity to try something new, while also potentially increasing your earnings further.

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5. Travel

Retirement means no more limits on the number of vacation days you get in a year. 

If you don’t have any obligations that require you to be home all the time, are in relatively good health, and have the budget, go ahead and plan for that vacation (or vacations) you’ve always dreamed about.  

Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living. It becomes a wonderful period where you are free to spend time the way you want to. But do keep in mind that you’ll also be living on a fixed income, so it’s important that you give yourself time to adjust during the first few weeks. 

Plan your finances ahead and be sure to have adequate insurance coverage to protect your health and income. Consider a retirement plan that provides savings and insurance protection such as Gibraltar BSN’s Go LiveWell