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You’ve bought your life insurance plan, your policy is officially in force and you ensure it remains that way by paying your premiums on time or when its due. So you’re all set, right?  Not quite. Insurance isn’t something you purchase once and forget about. Because life happens, and your circumstances change as the years go by. So it’s important that you update your life protection plan accordingly to ensure your coverage remains adequate to safeguard your loved ones.  In general, you should review your life policy annually. It may seem tedious to do so, and there may be
Are you tired of your current 9-to-5? Have you been dreaming of a better career? You don’t (and shouldn’t) have to settle for a profession that leaves you feeling uninspired or emotionally drained.      Have you considered making money from your passion? You may think it’s only suitable as a hobby, but what if your hobby actually provides value to others? That’s a good enough reason to monetise it.  If you have a true passion for something, it’s worth thinking about ways you can utilise your talent and turn that passion into a source of income - or perhaps, a new career