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Bones play many roles. It is the framework of our body, protects our organs, stores and releases minerals and fat, supports ease of movement, and produces blood cells. If we don’t eat right and don’t get enough of the right kinds of exercise, our bones can become weak and even break. It’s certainly possible to make our bones healthier. In fact, your bones are continuously changing as new bones are made and old bones are broken down. Even your skeleton is completely new every 10 years. ​ Source: Giphy Fruits and vegetables Healthy bones are often associated with milk and other dairy
According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) article in August 2018, Malaysia is Asia's fattest nation with nearly half the adult population now overweight or obese. Obesity is strongly linked to serious health problems such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke. Losing weight is crucial in order to reduce the risk of these diseases. However, many people in Malaysia and around the world find losing weight challenging. It is generally recommended to lose weight gradually (0.5 - 1kg a week) as it is more likely to stay off in the long run. Losing weight too fast can cause you
Once you retire, you may find yourself feeling a little lost with the sudden abundance of free time. But it’s perfectly common for new retirees to feel that way during the first few days and weeks of retirement. After all, this new reality can feel somewhat jarring after decades of working.  But retirement doesn’t have to be boring. What’s great about it is that you’re free to have fun and do what you want, on your own terms. No more work-related deadlines to worry about!  Here are just a few ideas on what you can do to keep your golden years busy and interesting: Source: Giphy