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Source: Schitt's Creek The purpose of having insurance is to protect yourself and your loved ones financially in case of unexpected events. Should something unfortunate happen to you, it’s important your loved ones are able to receive your policy’s payout fast and with no hassle.  To ensure this, you must make a nomination for your policy, and there are a few important things you should be aware of about the nomination process so that you select the right individual(s) to receive your policy’s death benefit.  Who can I nominate, and how? You can nominate any individual, either
There are some misconceptions about insurance that continue to persist to this day. These misconceptions have magnified the burden of many uninsured people who face major health and physical challenges. Don’t let false beliefs prevent you from getting the financial protection you need.  We debunk five of the biggest and most common insurance myths out there: Source: Katy Perry​ MYTH 1: I’m young, healthy and single with no dependents, so I don’t need insurance Fact: Insurance may seem unnecessary when you are young, single and in good health with little to no debt. But keep in