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Healthy Lifestyles

Malaysian food is very much ingrained in our culture. We greet each other with “Sudah makan?” So it comes as no surprise that our food is renowned for being extremely delicious. The traditional Malaysian diet is not known as healthy. However, Malaysian food can still be enjoyed while keeping our health and tummies in check. We can even go one step further and make healthier options even healthier by modifying ingredients. Here’s 5 popular healthy Malaysian food you can consider adding to your weekly meal plan. ​ Source: Giphy Nasi Kerabu Famous for its eye-catching blue rice, Nasi Kerabu
Mental health is vital to your overall personal wellness, and one of the keys to maintaining mental health is to have a fun hobby. The right one can give you something to look forward to and keeps your mind active.    While there are plenty of outdoor hobbies that are beneficial, indoor hobbies can also provide a boost to your mental well-being. They are great for self-improvement, nurturing your creativity and broadening your horizons.  Some of the more popular indoor hobbies include cooking, baking, watching your favourite movies and TV shows, gardening, knitting and