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We’ve all heard the conventional wisdom, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. In finance, your effort in planning will outweigh the problems that arise when failing to plan. Let’s take a look at 5 things you can do (even right now!) for a “greener” future.   ​ Source: Tenor 1) Invest Invest now because compound interest is the financial snowball that will make your life easier in the future. It is the interest on a deposit calculated based on both the initial principal and the accumulated interest from previous periods. Relatively safe and trusted investments include
Time and money are two topics that often get debated.  Most articles and many people think time is more important and more valuable than money. But is that really true?   ​ Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers Why time is important Time waits for no one, which makes it a precious resource - once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. This is why time should be used wisely and why there’s the saying that “time is money”. We only get 24 hours of this valuable currency “deposited” daily into our “time accounts”, and this amount resets at the end of the day and cannot be
When you retire, you are free to spend your days the way you want to. It’s no wonder why everyone looks forward to this time of freedom.     But while commonly seen as a life of leisure, retirement these days doesn’t always mean “not working”. In fact, retirees are increasingly looking to boost their cash flow and stretch their retirement savings by earning some extra income. Even if they don’t necessarily need the money, these retirees find that working instead of sitting around helps them stay active and mentally alert.   If you are retiring soon and would still like to
Financial security is important at all times, and this is especially true during your golden years. Without proper planning, your choices become limited. You could end up having to downsize your home, your lifestyle, and maybe even continue working.    When mapping out your retirement budget, you will no doubt take into account your basic needs such as food and utilities, as well as any wants such as home improvements, travel and hobbies.   But what are you missing? Here are four other common retirement expenses that most people, surprisingly, often forget about but should
We all like to spend. You may already have plans on what you want to buy for the coming month, even before receiving your pay. You might even be tempted to pay in advance using your credit card and leave the repayment fret for another day. Source: Tenor​ All that is fine and dandy. Spending does feel better than managing it. But it is important to pause once in a while and assess your financial condition. We all have financial goals in mind so question yourself, are the financial decisions you make today, leading you to your financial goals? The first step of any endeavour can often be