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Retirement Plan

You’ve met the one, settled down, and had kids. That comes with responsibilities not only to yourself but your family. With a spouse and kids now to support alongside your parents, the years can become financially demanding with expenses such as bills, mortgage, petrol, etc.  What if the unthinkable happens and your family has to go on without you providing or even having to bear your debts? What if you can’t afford your medical bills? What if you do not have enough for retirement, and one day you might have to rely on your family?  It’s important to be financially protected
Financial security is important at all times, and this is especially true during your golden years. Without proper planning, your choices become limited. You could end up having to downsize your home, your lifestyle, and maybe even continue working.    When mapping out your retirement budget, you will no doubt take into account your basic needs such as food and utilities, as well as any wants such as home improvements, travel and hobbies.   But what are you missing? Here are four other common retirement expenses that most people, surprisingly, often forget about but should
We all like to spend. You may already have plans on what you want to buy for the coming month, even before receiving your pay. You might even be tempted to pay in advance using your credit card and leave the repayment fret for another day. Source: Tenor​ All that is fine and dandy. Spending does feel better than managing it. But it is important to pause once in a while and assess your financial condition. We all have financial goals in mind so question yourself, are the financial decisions you make today, leading you to your financial goals? The first step of any endeavour can often be
A healthy diet is recommended for all ages, but it becomes especially important as you grow older. Believe it or not, seniors are extremely susceptible to malnutrition for the following reasons: The body’s ability to absorb nutrients decreases  Metabolism – and appetite – slows down During your golden years, you need to ensure that every meal you have is packed with as many nutrients as possible. Here’s what you should focus on:  Source: Giphy 1. Target nutrient dense food As we age, we find ourselves becoming less hungry and interested in food. This is because our sense
Many people consider life insurance and retirement planning as two separate things. One is a financial cushion for your loved ones if the unthinkable happens to you. The other is a savings plan for your golden years.   But are you aware that life insurance can also be a source of savings for your retirement? Here’s how it works:  Source: Giphy 1. Maturity benefit Certain types of life insurance provide a maturity benefit, which refers to a lump sum that's paid to you by your insurance provider upon the end of your policy's term.  So if your life policy covers you for 20