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Savings Insurance

Whether you’re aiming to build your children’s education fund or save for a fulfilling retirement, it will require patience, sacrifice and of course, hard work. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone — Gibraltar BSN Cash Star is here to help make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals, while offering you insurance coverage at the same time. Get Protected & Reach Your Financial Goals Gibraltar BSN Cash Star is a 20-year endowment plan that combines wealth accumulation and protection features. The premiums you pay act as a savings vehicle while also giving you the
Being a part today’s world may very likely mean that you have accustomed yourself with living in the new normal amid a pandemic. It has not only disrupted our everyday life as we know it, but it has also vividly reminded us of the importance of having adequate protection.  Source: Tenor Having protection may not necessarily only mean protecting yourself and your loved ones. We have heard about how livelihoods have been severely impacted. As such, preparing ourselves for financial uncertainties has also become equally crucial. As the saying goes, “It is never too early to plan your
For many people who are not financial professionals, dealing with finances can feel like a chore. They find it boring, and sometimes scary, especially at the thought of discovering that they don’t have sufficient money in the bank to pay the bills.  Source: Giphy Willfully ignoring your finances will get you nowhere, though. Managing your money is essential at all times, even more so during periods of economic uncertainties. You’ll want to avoid any unwanted surprises by ensuring your cash flow remains sustainable in the coming months.    Try these simple steps to get
You are ready to purchase your first insurance policy. But it can be difficult to choose the best coverage if you don’t understand the difference between a premium and sum assured. ​ ​Source: Giphy Before you make any decisions on which policy to sign up for, get to know the following 10 common insurance terms:   1. Premium A premium is the fee you pay to your insurance company for transferring the cost of a potential loss to them in exchange for the promise that they will pay for any valid claims. This payment is made on a scheduled basis e.g. annually or monthly.  2. Life
Insurance exists to protect us financially from unforeseen loss or damage.  There are various types of insurance plans in the market for different purposes, but many do not have a clear understanding of the plans they purchased, and end up with too many policies or policies that are not right for them.  When you are planning your insurance portfolio, the most important factors to keep in mind are your age, income, lifestyle and number of dependents. These will help determine the types of plans and amount of coverage you need.   You certainly do not need every type of