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Spending is not only a necessity to survive. It can be gratifying to spend on our wants like the latest gadget, nice furniture, or even the car we’ve been eyeing for months. But this gratification can easily turn into unnecessary spending if we are not careful, or even snowball into an empty wallet. Here are 5 practical tips to curb unnecessary spending. ​ Source: Giphy Understanding your triggers A spending trigger is something that tempts you to spend money. For example, a situation, emotion, place, or person. It can come in many forms and be obvious or subtle. If you don’t know you
Source: Giphy You have decided to be proactive about your financial future and are now considering which insurance plan to take up. Congratulations!  Insurance is an essential part of a solid financial plan, as it protects you and your loved ones from a potential financial crisis caused by unexpected setbacks.    As you look through the proposals prepared by your insurance agent, you are probably wondering how much money you should be allocating each month for your premiums.  The general rule of thumb is to set aside 5% of your income to pay for your insurance. Having