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Being a young adult is a time to be independent, and that also entails financial independence. When young, you may have studied personal finance in school and your experience may be limited. But in the real world, things can get complicated. What we learn may not necessarily translate easily to reality. Here are 8 effective and practical finance tips for young adults. ​ Source: Giphy Apply for a credit card Apply once you have income. It can help you build a good credit score early and gain rewards. A healthy credit score is important because it can improve your chances with loan
It’s tax season! It’s that time of the year where we fulfill our duty as good citizens by contributing a small portion of your income to the country. ​ Source: Yup! If you’re receiving a regular paycheck, it is common that your employer will deduct monthly tax payments from your employment income and submit the Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) to IRB every month. It is also important that you understand your taxes so you can avoid paying more than you’re supposed to.  While understanding the criteria for tax computation could be a tedious process, it doesn’t necessarily