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Why Online Insurance Is The Most Convenient Way To Get Insured

10 Apr 2023
Gibraltar BSN online insurance is the most convenient way to get insured

According to Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), over half of Malaysians are still without life insurance coverage. Some of the most common perceptions stopping Malaysians from getting insured are that the insurance process is very tedious and difficult to understand. In other words, many of the reasons are down to convenience. Although that may be true in certain instances, it really depends on the insurance provider. For example, Gibraltar BSN’s highly trained agents, intelligent chatbot GINA, and Whatsapp e-Policy delivery system make the process of getting insured convenient. 

If you are looking for insurance that’s convenient and affordable, it would be online insurance. Here are some of the reasons why.

Man says that it's easy to compare plans and get an instant quote with Gibraltar BSN insurance

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1.    Easy to compare plans and get an instant quote online 

All relevant information on the different insurance plans are laid out plainly to see. For detailed information, the e-brochures and Product Disclosure Sheets are available to check out your benefits, how much you will pay, and other policy details clearly and transparently. Take your time to read through each detail.

You can then get an instant quote on a plan you are interested in by answering quick and simple questions. With Gibraltar BSN’s i2u, it only takes seconds to get an instant quote on either life, medical, or critical illness insurance.

All of these will help you select your suitable insurance plan based on your required needs.

Man says there's no medical check-up required for Gibraltar BSN online insurance

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2.    No medical check-up required

Having to do a medical check-up for insurance may deter some people from getting insured. With online insurance, that is not an issue as no medical check-up is required.

Man gives thumbs up for Gibraltar BSN's online insurance smooth payment

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3.    Payment is made through a smooth and secured payment gateway, similar to online shopping

Many of us love the convenience of online shopping and having the items delivered to us after a few days. People don’t usually look at buying insurance with the same enjoyability and convenience as online shopping. This is not the case with online insurance where you can also get instantly insured, and the e-policy delivered instantly as well.

Gibraltar BSN insurance live assistance is available

4.    Live assistance is available

If you still have any unanswered questions, live chat assistance is a click away. Although you can get your answers to a wide-range of insurance-related questions with Gibraltar BSN’s intelligent chatbot GINA, you still have the option to connect to one of our customer support representatives for a chat. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Careline at 1 300 22 6262.

Buying Gibraltar BSN online insurance is convenient

5.    Buy insurance through WhatsApp 

Gibraltar BSN is the first in Malaysia to provide insurance through WhatsApp. Message “Get Quote” on Whatsapp at +603 2298 2477 to get protected! It’s still super convenient with all the features listed above included. In case you have any other questions, you can still ask GINA for them to be answered. Starting from only RM3.90, our online i2u insurance plans offer life, medical, and critical illness insurance. Get your instant quotes now!