Confirmation of Understanding


I am aware that the product provides coverage/pays out benefits on the following:

(a) Cancer

(b) Stroke

(c) Heart Attack

(d) Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery

(d) Kidney Failure

I am aware that the product does not provide coverage/ pay out benefits on the following: 

This Policy will not cover the benefit if the Critical Illness is directly or indirectly, wholly or partly caused by or resulted from any one (1) of the following occurrences: 

  • Pre-existing Illness; or
  • A Waiting Period of sixty (60) days shall apply to the following categories of Critical Illnesses:

(a) Cancer – of Specified Severity and does not cover Very Early Cancers;

(b) Heart Attack – of Specified Severity.

A Waiting Period of thirty (30) days shall apply to Stroke; or

  • the second diagnosis of the same Critical Illness; or
  • a subsequent claim arose from the Critical Illness.

The list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy contract for the fill list of exclusions under this policy.

I am aware that:

(a) If I change my mind, I have 15 days to return the policy/certificate after the date it has been delivered to me and I can obtain a refund.

To make a claim, please refer to the claims guide. For any other enquiries, our customer service can be reached at 1300-22-6622 (local) or +603-2298 0068 (overseas).

NOTE: If you are unsure about the product details, please refer to our PDS here.