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Gibraltar BSN: Consumer Behaviour Shift to Digital Firmly On Track

16 Jun 2022
Gibraltar BSN Enhanced GINA

Kuala Lumpur, 16 June 2022 - While physical business activity continues to gain momentum as the country settles into the endemic phase, the diverging consumer behaviour shift towards online and digital platforms remains firmly on track. This bodes well for the nation’s ambition to transition to a digital economy by 2030. 

Gibraltar BSN observed this encouraging trend through the steady uptick of its customers preferring to engage on its official Chatbot, Live Chat, and website. Chief Executive Officer Lee Kok Wah commented, “Over the past two years, we have seen double-digit growth in all our digital communication platforms. While our on-ground agents experience a significant rise in customer requests for face-to-face meetings on insurance advice, we find that our customers increasingly prefer to interact with us digitally for their policy related matters. In fact, to this day, monthly transactions on our smart Chatbot on WhatsApp continue to grow on average by 12%.”

Gibraltar BSN is expanding its Chatbot GINA (Gibraltar INtelligent Assistant) to capitalise on the digital-first consumer behaviour. Earlier this year, GINA was upgraded with machine learning capabilities and the ability to converse in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Most recently, GINA can now accept customer requests to increase or decrease their sum assured for their i-FlexCover plan.

Launched earlier this year, i-FlexCover is Malaysia’s first subscription-based insurance plan that allows customers to increase or decrease their coverage amount at any time to meet their budget and ever-changing lifestyle needs.

Kok Wah further elaborated, “Clearly, the pandemic has not only accelerated digital transformation but has catalysed lasting changes in consumer behaviour in Malaysia. We foresee that the 5G rollout will spur changes in the business landscape further; investments in digital are now crucial to maintaining our competitive edge. GINA will be a key enabler for Gibraltar BSN to deepen our customer interactions through new functionalities that cater for on-demand services. We will continue to explore and leverage new technologies to fast forward our digital journey.”