Privacy Statement

We protect the privacy of your personal data.

Privacy Statement

Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad (“we”, “us”, “our”, “ours”) respects your privacy and we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, security, and integrity of your personal data. We pledge to observe the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the Act). This Privacy Policy and Statement tells you how we set about doing that and the choices available to you to access or limit our access to your personal data.

This Privacy Policy & Statement addresses how your personal data is collected, used and disclosed by us in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. Your personal data includes but is not limited to your name, gender, address, NRIC number, religion, telephone number, email address, occupation, income, net worth, source of fund/income as well as any diagnostic/medical report issued by any qualified medical practitioner in connection with your state of health and/or physical or mental condition and your data from regulators and governmental agencies ("Personal Data").

1. Collection of Personal Data for the following purposes:

By disclosing your Personal Data to us, you have expressly and voluntarily agreed  to the use of your Personal Data by us for the following purposes including when:

  • We need to assess your application following submission of the proposal form to us for the purchase of our product(s);
  • We need to keep you informed of new products or services offered by us or our related, associated or affiliated companies by way of marketing/advertisement/promotional materials, emails or calls;
  • We need you to interact with any of our representatives;
  • We need your interaction with our customer service officers or other officers of the company in order to attend to your enquiries or to enable a resolution of a concern or complaint;
  • We need to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements or as directed by regulatory or government bodies;
  • We need to deliver notice and statements to you;
  • We need you to complete a survey for us to determine the type of product that best suits your needs;
  • We need to create a database or directory of your data, not for publication purposes;
  • When we need to contact you and for you to respond to our telemarketers;
  • We need your information in connection with the provision of any product or services to you including but not limited to policy underwriting and policy servicing; and
  • When we need your data for such other purposes that is incidental or ancillary or in furtherance of the above purposes or for any other purpose that is deemed necessary or expedient in accordance with applicable laws and regulation including but not limited to the purpose of complying with the requirement of any governmental or regulatory authority, or court of law, of competent jurisdiction.
  • To our current customers, if you do not wish to receive any information pertaining to our new, current products and services, kindly inform us in writing. We will continue to retain your personal data within Malaysia or overseas for the duration permitted/required under the law, which may also extend to periods after termination of your contractual relationship with us.

2. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

Your personal data will be disclosed to the following:

  • Our directors, officers and representatives for purposes relating to your application and use of our services and products;
  • Our related, associated or affiliated companies, including its agents or intermediaries for marketing and promotional activities as well as use of our services and products.;
  • Regulatory bodies such as Bank Negara Malaysia and any other regulatory body which has oversight over us and our activities;
  • Related Associations such as Life Insurance Association of Malaysia, Insurance Services Malaysia and other such related bodies;
  • Any external service provider who provide support or professional services to us including but not limited to website or email hosting services, information technology services, data security consultancy services, marketing and promotional services, data analysis, legal services, accounting services, tax related services, administrative services, telecommunication, data processing or storage and data back-up services;
  • Disclosure of personal data in connection with corporate restructuring or reorganisation including but not limited to mergers, acquisition, divestitures, consolidation, amalgamation, joint ventures, formation of partnership, voluntary liquidation and takeovers;
  • Any other party to whom such disclosure is required by law or regulatory requirement or pursuant to a Court Order;
  • To any insurance Carriers, third party claim adjusters, fraud detection and prevention services or reinsurance companies; and
  • To any unaffiliated third party, where disclosure of Personal Data is necessary to protect the interests, rights, property or privacy of Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad and/or its officers, employees, agents or affiliates.

For the avoidance of doubt, we may disclose your Personal Data to any of our officers, employees, agents or affiliates on a need-to-know-basis or for any of the purposes stated in paragraph 2 above, as long as the disclosure is directly related to any of the purposes stated above. We will not disclose your Personal Data to any third party for direct marketing purposes without your consent.

3. How we maintain Security of your Personal Data

Security is our top most priority. Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad will strive at all times to ensure that your personal data will be protected against unauthorised or accidental access, processing or erasure. We maintain this commitment to data security by implementing appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure your personal data as follows:

  • By maintaining adequate security control systems to safeguard the confidentiality and security of your personal data;
  • Access to your personal data by our staff is strictly on a need-to-know basis;
  • Where we appoint third-party service providers, agents or contractors to provide services to us, we shall ensure that these third parties observe similar security measures as adopted by us.

This website may contain links to third party websites. We have no control over the content posted by third party websites or the way the operators of these websites deal with your personal data. You should review the privacy policies applicable to these third-party websites to understand the ways in which these third parties may deal with your personal data.

When you access our website, anonymous technical information may be collected about your activities on the website (e.g. your IP address, date and time that you accessed the Website, information relating to your browser and operating system, the pages visited etc.). We may use “cookies,” pieces of information relating to your preferences sent by the website to your browser and stored on your computer hard-drive). Cookies enable the website to remember you and your preferences when you visit the website and enable us to tailor the website to your needs. Cookies do not identify you personally. However, if you do not want to receive cookies, you can disable this function by changing your browser settings. We shall keep your personal data for so long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected and to comply with legal requirements. If we no longer need your personal data, we will take reasonable steps to securely delete or destroy your personal data.

4. Your Rights and Choices

What are your rights in so far as your Personal Data is concerned is stated as follows: 

  • You have the right to request for access to and/or correction of your Personal Data held by us. For this purpose, we may charge a fee for processing your access request and we also have a right to refuse to comply with your request for access and/or correction as provided for under the Act. For purposes of access or correction of data, you are required to write in to us or contact our customer service personnel to complete the relevant form.
  • You have the right to request that we stop sending or contacting you with regard to our marketing/advertisement/promotional materials, if you do not wish to receive such materials from us. Such a request has to be made in writing to us either via letter or email to our customer service.
  • It is obligatory that you supply us with the Personal Data requested by us. If you choose not to supply us with personal data or withdraw or limit the use of your personal data, we reserve the right to reject your application for the service/products requested or we may not be able to continue providing you with the services/products you have requested.


5. Reservation of Rights

We reserve the absolute right to vary or amend this Privacy Policy & Statement at any time and at its sole and absolute discretion to ensure this Privacy Policy & Statement is consistent with our future developments, industry trends and/or any changes in legal or regulatory requirements.

The information provided herein is believed to be correct at the time of posting/printing. We or our affiliates do not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the adequacy accuracy, completeness or fairness of any such information and opinion contained on the Website and accordingly, shall not be liable for any consequences of any reliance thereon. You should make your own independent assessment of the information herein, should not treat such content as advice relating to legal, accounting, and taxation or investment matter and should consult your own advisers.

The information contained herein may not be reproduced, redistributed, transmitted or passed on, directly or indirectly, to any other person or published, in whole or in part, for any purpose.


6. Complaints or Enquiries

You may address your complaints and/or enquiries to our Customer Service personnel at:

Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad [199301022976 (277716-A)]
Level 21, Mercu 2, KL Eco City, No. 3, Jalan Bangsar, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 1300 22 6262