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With an all-encompassing solution for your healthcare needs,
say goodbye to complex claims and hello to Smart Health Cover - your hassle-free gateway to comprehensive health insurance.

Benefits Of Smart Health Cover : Peace Of Mind In Every Plan

Take a look at our benefits designed to ensure a hassle-free healthcare journey.
Because your health is our priority.

Comprehensive Health Coverage & Security
Comprehensive Health Coverage & Security

We've got you covered on all fronts - hospitalisation, surgery and more, under one plan.

Generous Annual Limit
Generous Annual Limit

Feel secure with our generous annual limit of up to RM 2.5 million. Comprehensive coverage tailored for you.

Health Reward
Health Reward

Celebrate a healthy, claim-free year and get rewarded with up to 10% of Cost of Insurance credited into your investment-linked account. Good health pays off!

Outpatient Benefits
Outpatient Benefits

Extend your coverage with our outpatient benefits, ensuring your healthcare needs are fully covered from treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and dengue fever.

No Lifetime Limit
No Lifetime Limit

With no lifetime limit on your medical plan, Smart Health Cover is committed to being there for you, always.

Deductible Option
Deductible Option

No deductibles mean no hidden costs. Complete transparency for your peace of mind. Enjoy savings of 15% on Cost of Insurance for the RM500 deductible option.

Cashless Medical Card
Cashless Medical Card

Experience the convenience of our cashless medical card, simplifying your healthcare transactions.

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A client’s past history with critical illnesses also affects what and how we can help insure you. Do you have a history of critical illness?

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30 days to 70 years old
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Hospital Benefits
  • Hospital Room & Board
    (max 200 days per disability)
RM 150 RM 200 RM 250 RM 300 RM 350
Surgical Benefits
  • Surgical Fees
  • Anesthetist Fees
  • Operating Theatre
As Charged*
Outpatient Benefits
  • Day Surgery and Day Care Benefits
  • Ambulance Fees
As Charged*
Organ Transplant (Additional Limit)
  • Heart, Kidney, Lung, Liver or Bone Marrow
RM 30,000 RM 35,000 RM 40,000 RM 50,000 RM 60,000
Overall Annual Limit RM 500,000 RM 1,000,000 RM 1,500,000 RM 2,000,000 RM 2,500,000
Overall Lifetime Limit No Lifetime Limit
*Subject to Reasonable & Customary Charges
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a crucial query? Get your answers here - or Contact Us if your question isn’t answered here.

While Malaysia has a public universal healthcare system that provides basic medical services to all legal citizens at economical prices, patients are often required to endure long wait times to obtain medical treatment. Signing up for a medical insurance plan gives you the flexibility of hassle-free admissions at private hospitals in Malaysia without having to worry about the price tag.

Simply put, you pay a premium for your medical insurance plan, and in return, your insurer pays up to the agreed-upon limit in the event of a medical incident covered by your policy. Before making a claim, you should always check if your insurance policy is in-force.

Download the mobile application IHP Health Concierge to receive your e-Medical Card

Present your e-Medical card at one of our panel hospitals before getting admitted.

Yes, we will reimburse an amount equivalent to the charge that would have been incurred for equivalent treatment of the Disability in a hospital in Malaysia.

Before pinpointing the ideal medical insurance plan for you and your loved ones, it is best to keep the following in mind:

Affordability - With many medical insurance policies available in Malaysia, it is important to know how much you need to pay for the right coverage that you need. At Gibraltar BSN Malaysia, you may connect with our financial adviser and get a quote for Smart Health Cover medical insurance plan, starting from only RM5/day.

Other Benefits – Other than the standard hospitalisation and surgical benefits, check if your medical insurance cover other important benefits such as outpatient benefits and no lifetime limit.

You may pay upfront and submit the relevant forms for reimbursement. For more details in making a claim, please visit

Click here to access our FAQ page

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