Digital Communications via WhatsApp

View your e-Policy/ e-Notice/ e-Letter via WhatsApp anytime, anywhere!

In August 2019, we became the first life insurer in Malaysia to leverage WhatsApp for e-policy delivery and instant communication with our customers. 

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption messaging system ensures that all customer communication is protected and that the customers receive their e-policy in a secure and fast manner. To further protect our customers’ personal data, the PDF file is password-protected. Our automated Chatbot, GINA (Gibraltar INtelligent Assistant), also provides customers with instant information 24-7 such as e-forms, branch locations, panel hospitals, etc. 

Click here to see the original announcement on Gibraltar BSN Launches Malaysia's First Whatsapp E-policy Delivery System. 


View your e-Policy/ e-Notice/ e-Letter via WhatsApp

FAQs on Communication on WhatsApp

As the world’s most used messenger app, WhatsApp allows us to instantly connect with our customers on a platform that is convenient to them.

The PDF files that you are receiving could be your e-Policy/ e-Notice/ e-Letter. Receiving the PDF files on WhatsApp provides you with the following benefits:

  • Always available – View your e-Policy/ Notice/ Letter anytime, anywhere
  • Convenient – Easily accessible using smartphones
  • Assured Delivery – Ease worries about important communication lost in transit
  • Speedy Delivery – Improve the speed of delivery 
  • Easy record keeping – Search for your e-Policy/ e-Notice/ e-Letter easily from digital storage

Please refer to the message sent together with the PDF file. It could be your e-Policy/ e-Notice/ e-Letter. Please download it within 14 days by clicking on the PDF file in WhatsApp. 

You may refer to the Guide to view the PDF files here.

Please enter your date of birth in the following format: DDMMMYYYY
Then followed by the last 4 digits of your NRIC (Malaysians) / passport number (for foreigners). 
Example: 01AUG19701234

Yes, the PDF file is only available for 14 days from the date of the WhatsApp message.  

In our effort to go paperless and do our part in conserving the environment, the Policy Contract, Letter and Notice will only be available in electronic format.

Please contact our Customer Care for further assistance via the following channels: 

Alternatively, you may refer to the Guide below on how to view the PDF files:

FAQs on e-Policy

Yes, the free look period shall commence from the delivery date of e-Policy via WhatsApp or Email. Please download electronic e-Policy within 14 days from the delivery date. 

In the event if e-Policy failed to be delivered to you via WhatsApp or Email, a letter will be sent to you to remind you to download it from our Customer Web Portal. In this case, the free look period shall commence from the date when the letter is dispatched.

Please contact our Customer Care for further assistance via the following channels: 

We will resend your electronic policy contract via WhatsApp / email based on the mobile number/ email address provided in the application form. Otherwise, you are advised to download the electronic policy contract via our Customer Web Portal.

Yes. The e-Policy is also available in our Customer Web Portal for download. Please sign in/ sign up to download your Policy from the “e-Document Download” menu tab. For ease of reference, please refer to the Guide here.

FAQs Related to WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Your policy information will remain secured as it is being delivered through end-to-end encryption via WhatsApp. The WhatsApp business messaging adopted by Gibraltar BSN does not use Facebook hosting services and thus, we do not share any information with Facebook. For more information, please refer to the FAQ published by WhatsApp at the following webpages: