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Download our new Medical App to access your e-medical card, review claims, and more!

We are pleased to share that Integrated Health Plans (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (IHP) has been appointed as our new third party claims administrator for medical claims effective 1 February 2021. 

IHP is a leading managed care organisation and third party administrator with local offices and 24/7 call centres in Malaysia and Singapore. 

In line with the change, there will be a new e-Medical Card under the IHP Mobile App (“Medical App”). You may also use the Medical App to view your Claim History and Entitlement. 

Download the Medical App here:

Download Gibraltar BSN's new medical app on the Apple store          Download Gibraltar BSN's new medical app on Google Play


Please be assured that there will be no change in the hospitalisation process but you can look forward to a new service standard. 

For admission assistance, you may call the new toll free hotline:

Call Gibraltar BSN Customer Care 1-800-82-0156  

E-mail Gibraltar BSN

Medical App Guide

Register and/or Login to your IHP AppDownload Gibraltar BSN IHP App

View your Medical Card View your Gibraltar BSN medical card

View your Claim History / Entitlement View your Gibraltar BSN History / Entitlement


Integrated Health Plans (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd ("IHP") is Gibraltar BSN’s new Third-Party Administrator ("TPA") engaged to manage the Company’s Individual Medical & Employee Benefit Policy medical claims. 

When authorised by Gibraltar BSN, IHP will guarantee and pay the Insured’s medical expenses incurred during Hospitalisation according to the policy terms and conditions. 

However, this value-added service is only available to the Insured after the TPA has verified the status of the Insured’s medical insurance policy, confirmed the eligibility of the Insured, and ascertained that the Insured’s medical condition for Hospitalisation does not fall under any exclusions.

No, there will be no changes to your existing policy coverage. 

No, there will be no changes to the admission or medical claims process. 

The list of panel hospitals has been widened to include more hospitals. Please refer to the list here.

The Medical App will contain your e-Medical Card and will allow you to view the claims that you have made. 

Please refer to the Medical App guide here.

Your current physical Medical Card is no longer valid as we now have a new Third-Party Administrator ("TPA"). Please download the Medical App to access your new e-Medical Card. 

You may present your NRIC to our Panel providers during cashless admission. If you have any problems, please contact IHP at 1800-82-0156 or email to

Please contact our Customer Careline and report the loss of the physical card. We recommend that you download the Medical App to receive your e-Medical Card. 

If you wish to have a physical card, please contact our Customer Careline at 1300-22-6262 or email us at Please note that RM10 will be charged for subsequent physical Medical Card reprinting. 

No. If you are the insured member and policy owner of these 4 policies, you may download the Medical App on one mobile phone. You may access all your dependents’ e-Medical Cards by using your NRIC and Password as login credentials. 

For elective admission assistance, please contact IHP at 1800-82-0156 or email to IHP shall provide guidance accordingly. 

Once your insurance application is approved, you will receive communication via digital or post from Gibraltar BSN within 3-5 working days with a guide on how to download the Medical App. Alternatively, you may refer to here.

Yes. In fact, you may access your e-Medical Card within 3-5 working days after your insurance application is approved.   

No. For non-accident admission, the cashless facility is only available after the 30-day waiting period.

The User ID is your NRIC number and the Password is your date of birth.

Example for NRIC no. 900201-88-8888:

User ID: 900201888888

Password: 01/02/1990

Please reach out to your servicing agent. Alternatively, you may contact our Customer Careline at 1300-22-6262 or email us at

For hospitalisation assistance, you may contact IHP at 1800-82-0156 or email to